ForMin Melescanu after meeting Italian counterpart: We agreed to prepare the third joint gov't meeting

Foreign Affairs Minister Teodor Melescanu on Wednesday said he agreed with his Italian counterpart Angelino Alfano to initiate the preparation of the third joint meeting of the governments of the two countries.

"Romania and Italy have an excellent economic relation built on two decades of strategic partnership, reflected in the frequency of the bilateral sectoral dialogue. Minister Alfano's visit practically confirms this reality. For Romania and Italy it is a priority to keep the intense pace of this dialogue, meant to thrust our relation even more. We agreed today to increase the frequency of the contacts between our ministries, between the relevant ministries and begin to prepare a third joint meeting of the Romanian and Italian governments, which will provide the possibility of giving a new thrusts to the collaboration on an economic and political level between our countries," Melescanu said, after the meeting with Italian Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation Angelino Alfano.

Melescanu underscored that the economic relations between Romania and Italy are excellent, with the value of bilateral economic exchanges in 2017 having reached almost 14 billion euro.

"There are over 21,000 companies running on Italian capital, most of them SMEs, which bring to Romania a business model that has generated prosperity in Italy. The presence of the Italian capital and know-how is actually found in all sectors of the Romanian economy, from infrastructure to banking services," Melescanu added.

The Romanian Foreign Minister pointed out that he also discussed with his Italian counterpart about the importance of the Romanian community in Italy, "a very powerful liaison between the two states."

"It is the most numerous community abroad and, at the same time, the largest community of foreign citizens in Italy. The fact that such a large number of Romanians have chosen to live in Italy is another confirmation of the closeness and the capacity of integration of the Italian society. I thanked Mr Minister for the support that the Italian authorities constantly grant in this respect. We believe that the relation between Romania and Italy represents a confirmation of the advantages offered both for the origin state and for the host state by the European framework which encourages of a complementary manner the labour force and capital mobility inside the EU," Melescanu also said.

In his turn, Angelino Alfano highlighted the historic connection between the two states and the great number of marriages between Romanian and Italian citizens.

"We feel close to Romania, we go together. This is the idea I shared today with Teodor Melescanu. This means having increasingly more relations between our communities, not only those between co-nationals, who like to live and study in our countries, but we are also talking about entrepreneurs who have chosen to invest in Romania. Italian business people have chosen to invest in Romania, and ever since the 1990s Romania has represented for the Italian societies some sort of laboratory for experimenting their own capacity of investing abroad and their own ability to transfer abroad a success model that worked in Italy and that led to the welfare of millions of Italians and SMEs. The affirmation of this model in Romania, as well, makes us happy," Alfano said.

The Italian Foreign Minister said that the 14 billion euro value of Romanian-Italian economic exchanges represents "a bet that has proven to be a winner." AGERPRES (RO - author: Livia Popescu, editor: Andreea Rotaru; EN - author: Adina Panaitescu, editor: Rodica State)

Source: Romanian National News Agency AGERPRES


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