About Us

Diplomatic and consular team



Political Section


Mr. Cristian Laurențiu Nita,

Counsellor, Head of Section

Economic Affairs


Mr. Edgar Șchiopu 

Minister Counsellor, Political and Legal Affairs


Ms. Anamaria Banu 

Counsellor, Culture and Communication  


Consular section

Mr. Gabriel Petric 

Minister Counsellor, Consul


Office of Home Affairs

Police Chief Commissioner Radu Corozel, Home Affairs Attaché


Defence Office 

Col.Eng. Marian-Florin Ureche, Defence, Military, Air and Naval Attaché


Administrative office

Mr. Cristian Rodina, Administrative manager



Mrs. Adriana Stefanica-Balan, Administrative assistant


Office for Economic Promotion and Cooperation, Montreal
Mr. Gabriel Crișan, Trade Commissioner

Internship Programme


The Embassy of Romania in Canada wishes to offer students and young graduates at the beginning of their professional career, the…

An evening of music and literature hosted by the Embassy of Romania


Friday, October 28th, the Embassy of Romania hosted an evening of literature and music which brought to the public the book ‘Nu…

Joe Boyle and pages of Romanian history – lecture at Ottawa University


On Friday, September 23rd, the Ottawa University Group of Research for Central and East-European Studies hosted the academic…